About Ben

Rather than assemble a grandiose summary of who I am, list old accomplishments, or make myself look as slick as possible I am simply going to say that I am currently doing this:

• Art director for impressasolutions.com
• Working with cardanasshoes.com to bring all-natural, fair-trade shoes to the American market
• Loving travel, shooting fun lifestyle photos for Cardànas, and planning the next adventure (sailing)

If you’d like to work with me on developing a solid business strategy for the modern market or need some killer visual or written content please contact julie@impressasolutions.com. At impressasolutions.com we work as a team to meet your needs.

If you’re looking for a partner in your business and your business is green or fair-trade please email me directly at benschkade@gmail.com or visit legittrading.com. It is most sincerely my life’s purpose to make a positive change for people and the environment through business. If you’re in the business of changing how stuff is made for the better or developing an online marketplace that empowers people to do what they love to do then we must a have a lot to talk about!